Drug and Alcohol Treatment in North Carolina

Are you looking for drug and alcohol treatment centers in North Carolina? The state has much to offer those who are struggling with addiction.
Types of Treatment Centers

North Carolina has three types of drug and alcohol treatment centers, outpatient, inpatient and psychiatric hospitals. Understand what each center provides you in your addiction recovery can help you decide which is best for you.
Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center – This type of setting allows people to come into the program on scheduled days for check ins with their substance abuse counselor. You’ll attend individual counseling, groups and possibly be tested for drugs and alcohol.
Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center – This type of setting requires individuals under the influence of drugs and alcohol to live on the premises. They may receive treatment for withdrawal symptoms, group therapy, and individual counseling.
Psychiatric Drug and Alcohol Treatment – This setting is for people who have a substance abuse issues as well as mental illness. Treatment consists of meeting with a psychiatrist, taking psychiatric medications, drug and alcohol withdrawal treatment and monitoring, individual and group therapy.
Many people enter into an inpatient or psychiatric center at first to become stabilized and then will continue their care through an outpatient setting.
List of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in North Carolina

You have many different drug and alcohol treatment centers to consider when looking for help. The following is a list of centers available along with the type of help they provide.
Addiction Recovery Care Association – This center provides outpatient services as well as a residential program. Behavioral Health Care of Cape Fear Valley Health System – A psychiatric facility located in Fayetteville.
Broughton Hospital – A psychiatric hospital run by the state in Morganton.
CenterPoint Human Services – An outpatient center that provides services to individuals with mental illness, substance abuse issues and development disabilities. Cherry Hospital – A psychiatric hospital run by the state in Goldsboro. Daymark Recovery Services – Outpatient services for mental health and substance abuse issues. Dorothea Dix Hospital – A state psychiatric hospital located in Raleigh.
Holly Hill Hospital – A second psychiatric hospital run by the state in Raleigh. John Umstead Hospital – A state psychiatric hospital located in Granville. Julian F. Keith Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center – A residential, inpatient facility in the Black Mountains. Kings Mountain Hospital – Psychiatric hospital located in Charlotte.
Moses Cone Health System – Inpatient and outpatient services provided to individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues. This facility is located in Piedmont. New Life House – An addiction residential house supporting addicts with a drug and alcohol free environment. Oaks Behavior Health Hospital – Wilmington’s psychiatric hospital for inpatient and outpatient substance abuse services. Oxford Houses – Many residential homes for individuals with addict to live in setting that is drug and alcohol free.
Pavillon – A treatment center located in Mill Spring. Step One – An organization that supports drug and alcohol free communities. They also provide outpatient and inpatient services through their Insight Human Services division. Wilmington Treatment Center – The center offers a gamut of options for you. They have inpatient, outpatient, day treatment and aftercare services for individuals with drug and alcohol addiction


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