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Relevant Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Not being capable of getting an erection is known in the medical world as erectile dysfunction. In most cases the term used is impotence. Men who are affected by this disorder have issues with obtaining and keeping an erection. At times, an erection would only last for a few seconds. A lot of men would hate experiencing this condition. A negative effect would be when partners are not fulfilled anymore. This becomes a very embarrassing situation for them and damages their confidence. It is uncomplicated to triumph over erectile dysfunction. A lot of men are hesitant to consult with other people due to their feelings of being unmanly, therefore they would rather go through it in silence.

Sometimes this condition can involve men of all ages but it largely involves older men in the age range of beyond 75 years. Men who are older can still appreciate and experience a healthy sex life. Because they are older, they might need more stimulants than a man in their 20’s, but they are still capable of having fun.

These are the causes of erectile dysfunction:

There are a lot of reasons for this disorder. Why this condition happens could be due to factors that involve the mind or the body. Your medical condition and the health of your brain are some causes of erectile dysfunction. Additionally, here are other causes:

An unhealthy way of living: If you are a regular smoker and drinker, you might be more prone to suffer from erectile dysfunction. When you drink too much alcohol, it could lessen the number of sperm you have. Too much nicotine can suppress your sex drive. Taking drugs can lead to erectile dysfunction. Uphold good and healthy habits in order to lessen the effects. There are studies showing that if a man is overweight, it can prove a greater possibility of suffering from this disorder.

Prescriptions: Taking in drugs to lower your blood pressure can be a cause for erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can be caused due to drugs related to antidepressants or cimetidine. Effects of erectile dysfunction could be long-lasting because of the prescription medicine you take.

Erectile dysfunction could be a direct result from surgery around the male’s reproductive organ.

Problems involving the brain can lead to erectile dysfunction. When this happens, you should ask help from a psychiatrist. It is important to get encouragement from your lover as well so it’s necessary to communicate with them.

A few studies have revealed that a striking emotional experience from your childhood can lead to erectile dysfunction. When getting treatment for this condition, gather all the data that could be relevant like the symptoms you are dealing with. Combatting this disorder could mean getting help medically. All you need is to practice healthy habits and you’re closer to defeating this problem.


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