Are you troubled by Gerd otherwise known as Acid Reflux?

It is a very scary feeling, first you eat pizza or other Italian food, and then lie down and go to bed early… When all of a sudden you feel the food coming up into your throat – It is an extremely painful burning, and because it has come into your lungs an antacid offers no relief … You climb out of bed and sit upright for an hour or more until the pain begins to dissipate. Then you are afraid to lie down again – Not sure if it is gone yet…There might be a slight cough but the pain remains. This is what Gerd is!!! That is why I put this site together to help offer some relief… Worst of all is if you do not recognize this and it continues. Esophageal cancer is the next phase… Sooo… Read this site and evaluate your own condition…I hope this will help!

Acid Reflux

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