Choosing the Proper Mixing Tank for Your Needs

Are you in need of a new mix reservoir for your company? If you are, turn to white mountain process for assistance with picking out the appropriate tank to meet your requirements. Numerous discover a poly tank is perfect for their needs and mix tanks of this specific type can be utilized for a wide range of applications. First and foremost, you need to pick which sort of poly tank you wish to buy and you then need to establish the purpose. Below are great tips to really make the buying process simpler.

When you go to choose a wmp poly tank, you will first need to decide which sort of mix tank is right for your requirements. Polyethylene mixing tanks are generally found in FDA resin and are also commonly used for mixing tanks along with vessels. Polypropylene is very light and portable while offering high clean characteristics, if this is a concern. Countless decide on this kind of poly mix tank because it offers more abrasion resistance, tensile strength and also heat resistance than that observed with Polyethylene. Often, organizations choose this selection for the storing of acids, bases, and chemical solutions.

Companies which require a container that is stronger when compared with polyethylene or polypropylene often make use of a polyvinylidene fluoride poly mix tank. This type of poly mix tank is made of very hard plastic-type material, yet is still reasonably cost-effective for customers. It will offer good chemical resistance, helping to make it the right choice for a lot of applications. Others elect to choose polytetrafluoroethylene, generally known as Teflon. This type of tank provides the most chemical as well as temperature resistance and it has non-stick properties, which explains why this substance is often observed in cookware. It doesn’t melt if heated up, which makes it more challenging to manufacture nonetheless, thus special techniques must be used to mold, extrude and also weld the material.

After the appropriate mix tank material is selected, you need to next figure out which type of mixing vessel is required. Clients choose from sealed vapor tight, hinged lid top, and open top mix tanks, and these mixing tanks can be used for commercial, clean, or even biopharma applications, or they could be put to use as a corrosion resilient container. Speak to a rep at White Mountain Process if you’re unsure of what type of poly mix tank you will need. They’re going to be happy to talk about the pros and cons of each and every type of tank with you.


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