Deciding on the Right Dental Provider

It seems that every dental professional in the phone book or on the internet states they can carry out cosmetic dentistry. That is because many dentists can easily and do one or more of the most required cosmetic dental treatment options. However, every type of dental office may tend to focus on diverse procedures. This really is based on the area of specialization these people chose during their training and continuing education. Here’s a brief look at what each kind of Top Charlotte Dentist – Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne offers:

Basic and family dentists

These dentists can usually provide home whitening packages with custom molded trays. They can execute minor cosmetic dental work work such as remodeling a rough-edged tooth. Some likewise have experience with dental bonding to correct minimal cosmetic dental care defects. Many have the necessary expertise to replace metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings. They may be less likely to get the expensive equipment needed for heightened procedures like teeth bleaching or grin makeovers.

Beauty dentists

What kinds of dentists execute cosmetic dentistry? Even though the ADA (American Dental Association) still will not recognize cosmetic dentistry as a specialty, many cosmetic dentists do beauty treatment as the core of their practice. Here is the kind of dental professional you may want to find out if you have oral imperfections that not affect oral functionality or put you at risk with regard to periodontal illness. In general, you can expect a full variety of popular beauty dental treatments such as: in-office whitening treatment, oral composites, teeth reshaping, porcelain veneers and crowns. To learn more about Dental Implants Charlotte at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne, get in touch with them today.

Restorative dentists

There is a lot of overlap between cosmetic dental work and restorative dentistry. Several cosmetic dental practitioners advertise restorative healing services as well. These treatment options are intended to improve or proper the functionality of the teeth while the teeth look more attractive from a aesthetic point of view. Recovery may include: tooth-colored fillings, inlays, onlays and also porcelain crowns and dental care implants. A person can also ask about All-On-Four Dental Implants Charlotte NC.


Dentists who may have achieved certification in the ADA-recognized specialty regarding prosthodontics undertake extensive lessons in cosmetic dentistry (the science which makes teeth seem attractive). In case a dentist performs cosmetic as well as restorative dental hygiene, they are regarded a prosthodontist. These professionals typically focus on dental installation, for example veneers, capped teeth and teeth color inlays / onlays prosthesis. The costs charged might be a little greater than you would pay a beauty dentist. It is becausethis type of expert provides a more appealing and long-lasting result for your smile.


Periodontists mainly perform treatments for gum disease. However, in addition they are skilled in gum solutions (gingivoplasty). This process can be carried out for purely cosmetic factors: those who have any gummy grin or abnormal gum series. If your gums have moved away, a periodontist may possibly graft gum cells to produce more uniform and also attractive gumline.


Orthodontists concentrate in fixing the spacing of teeth and the alignment in the bites. However, they may furthermore perform remedies like Invisalign. These specialists straighten teeth to correct small deficiencies also. To learn more about the several procedures, contact your Best Cosmetic Dentist in Charlotte – Adult Dentistry of Ballanytne today.


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