Dermatology Procedures that Enhance a Wide Range of Skin Conditions

The skin is the envelope of the body and most visible part. When medical or superficial problems occur, it can be distressing to the person dealing with it. One area of dermatology that may not affect the skin directly, but the way it looks is unwanted hair. Laser hair removal corrects that. It’s a frequently performed procedure that uses an intense light on the pigment of hair follicles. This ultimately eradicates the hair.

The areas most treated with laser hair removal are face, legs, bikini line, arms and underarm. Lasers zone in on the precise areas where hair removal is needed. It’s highly effective for the removal of thick, dark hair without irritating skin near the treatment site. Laser pulses function swiftly and remove many follicles at once. Areas of smaller coverage, like a few follicles on the face, can be completed in a minute’s time. On average, permanent results are achieved after several sessions.

Slowing down the signs of aging is something so many are eager to do. There are a number of way to do this at home and in a medical office. The outermost surface and cells on the skin is exposed to a lot of environmental stresses. This alone can accelerate aging. A MicroLaserPeel removes dull surface layers of the skin to reveal a rejuvenated new layer. This procedure is ideal for those who have age spots, freckles and uneven pigment tones.

MicroLaserPeel procedures are non-intrusive with reduced recovery times. It’s a complete epidermal peel that completely resurfaces the skin. Next to minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, a smooth, illuminating skin tone makes the face look much younger. The new layer of skin has improved texture and firmness. Freckles, ages spots, acne and any other dermal imperfections go away.

Cellulite is a condition that originates under the skin, but shows on the outside. Cellulite happens when fat cells under the skin inflame or enlarge with collagen bands that were once pliable but became stiff. Treatment for cellulite applies a heated laser to the surface to infuse down into lower layers the dermis. The energy from the laser restructures the cells under the skin. This stimulant generates new collagen. The new collagen is supple and smooth under the skin. The surface of the skin appears more youthful and level again. For more information on skin and hair procedures, visit


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