Digital Hothouse, Ltd. Launches 5 Step Guide to Mastering Local SEO


(Auckland, New Zealand)– Consumer studies released last year indicate national internet use has surged upward by an estimated 30 percent of late with 60 percent of citizens now online daily and 86 percent accessing the internet on a regular but less frequent basis. While this is welcome news for the country’s ecommerce sector and local businesses looking to expand customer outreach, it has also created a higher level of online competition. In light of this development, Paul Thornton of Digital Hothouse, Ltd. has launched the leading digital agency’s latest publication geared toward area small business owners.

Thornton elaborated, “This new influx of online consumers is having a dramatic effect on how local businesses conduct themselves online. To make matters even more complicated, Google recently carried out yet another revision of its SERP’s. Both developments mean incorporating effective SEO strategies is more vital than ever when it comes to being seen by internet users. Our 5 Step Guide to Mastering Local SEO delves into the most significant elements now rising to the surface of our industry.”

Previously-mentioned changes to Google’s SERP’s revolve around paid advertisements versus organic listings. Prior algorithms generated results pages listing three commercial ads atop organic findings with columns of paid results on the right-hand side of each page. The highly favored search engine now leads non-paid results with four advertisements. This leaves considerably less virtual real estate for businesses hoping to rank well on the prized first pages of search results for their niches.

Digital Hothouse’s release covers each of the points now critical to ranking favorably during online searches. The firm’s staff of search engine optimisation nz experts reveal backlinks remain important while citations have grown in terms of relevance. Keyword-rich content is likewise crucial though its effective use has been somewhat altered by the recent Google changes. Consumer-generated reviews have risen through the ranks in the eyes of internet users and web crawlers alike.

Concluded Thornton, “Those ‘standard’ blue links have been pushed down the page with the extra Google Adwords listing, so it’s imperative local businesses do all they can to get their websites above the fold. Of course, having paid advertisements created by an adwords agency auckland wouldn’t hurt, either. This would allow greater visibility in both categories. With mobile device use soaring, being optimised for this genre is important, as well. Our team is here to help guide local businesses through these new changes and help them strengthen their online presences.”

About Digital Hothouse, Ltd:

Dedicated to propelling clients to the tops of the search engines as well as their respective fields, the staff of Digital Hothouse focuses on making sure area businesses outshine their competitors. Their belief is that a client-first approach to digital marketing brings success to their company as well as those they serve.


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