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Erectile Dysfunction Defined

It is important to remember and understand that psychological issues is not the only root of erectile dysfunction problems. One possible cause of a patient’s erectile dysfunction is an intrinsic medical cause.

Let us use a situation to better explain the case. A man and a woman got married and then later on in the marriage they found out that the husband has erectile dysfunction. Troubled and startled about it, the wife encouraged her husband to go see a doctor for check-up. Because he thinks that disclosing to another person that he has erectile dysfunction problem at a young age is embarrassing and humiliating, he did not go to a doctor. Later on, other different symptoms manifested and he did not think that those symptoms are linked to his erectile dysfunction problem. As their sexual relationship and their marriage is affected by his erectile dysfunction problem, the wife finally insisted that he should go to the doctor for check-up. Eventually, he went to the doctor. After running some tests, it was found out that in his pituitary gland, there is a growing tumor and, that is the reason why his testosterone level is insufficient. When the tumor in his pituitary gland was removed, he no longer suffered from erectile dysfunction and has since enjoyed a great sexual relationship with his wife.

Hence, it truly is not just a psychological thing when we say erectile dysfunction. It is of course true that a man’s erectile dysfunction is because of stress, anxiety, or other emotional concerns but, it is still important to be sure which is why going to a doctor should be done as there might be an underlying medical attention that seek medical attention.

In many cases, an erectile dysfunction can be treated and it is a problem that needs to be dealt with. There are a lot of available drugs in the market that can help with erectile dysfunction. If the medications that are easily available in the market are not applicable, then there are other means that can be done like implantable penile prosthesis and drugs that are injected directly to the man’s sexual organ. If, eventually, the above solutions that are mentioned does not work, a microvascular surgery may be an option.

There are a lot of men who are ashamed when they have erectile dysfunction so they would rather hide it but, they should not be ashamed. In this time and age, it should be realized and accepted that eventually, most men will undergo this stage in their life when they will have erectile dysfunction problem but what is important is that, there are a lot of ways for an erectile dysfunction to be cured and be treated.

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