If You Think You Understand Treatments, Then This Might Change Your Mind


A non-surgical procedure known to eradicate extra unwanted fat cells in the body by freezing them and eradicating them by the body is called a non-invasive fat reduction. To become more confident and optimistic about their body, a lot of people has opted to undergo this procedure to get rid of unwanted weight Many people find it hard to lose stubborn fat in very obvious areas like the stomach, arms and thighs. To achieve a well contoured and shaped body, diet and exercise are at times not sufficient. Due to this dilemma, undergoing procedures and treatments are opted by many people. But to avoid the perils of surgeries, many decide to choose non-surgical procedures like non-invasive fat reduction.

When considering to get a non-invasive fat reduction, you should select a doctor that you trust. You may choose the doctor based on education and training, experience with the procedure and most especially, if you are comfortable with the doctor. Schedule an appointment the doctor’s clinic to organize an initial consultation with him. Use this consultation to discuss your expectation and cosmetic goals with the doctor. The doctor will enumerate the effects that the procedure will give you and he will evaluate if you are a good candidate for the procedure. The consultation will also involve the discussion of your medical history including your current medications, allergies and medical condition.

Using an advanced technology to freeze unwanted fat, non-invasive fat reduction selectively lessens fat layers, remaining adjacent areas untouched. Lying down or sitting comfortably, the treatment is conducted by using a paddle-like applicator attached to a hose then carefully sends calibrated cooling to the area/s being treated. An intense cold feeling can be experienced several minutes into the treatment. As the treated area becomes numb, this sensation will lessen. Depending on the area being treated, the procedure may last from one to three hours. During the entire time, you may resume normal activities like using your phone, reading or taking a nap.

Many people who undergo the procedure notice a considerable decrease of fat in the areas treated as early as three weeks from the treatment. For three months, the results will carry on. Even though some of the patients get the desired effect of the procedure after only one session, others may choose to undergo more sessions to achieve a better effect. The cells of fat are permanently destroyed the procedure. As long as a healthy lifestyle is continued, the effects of the treatment will last long. At the arranged schedule after the procedure or at any time you see any changes in the treated areas, you should pay your doctor a visit. Aside from safety, a healthy and beautiful outcome can be assured by doing a follow-up consultation.


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