Should You Really Go Through Neck Liposuction Surgery and/or a Neck Lift?

Specific parts of the body have a tendency to exhibit signs of aging sooner than others. For many, one of the initial indications of aging will likely be drooping skin around the neck and throat. Fortunately, you have options to take care of this problem and many opt to have fat removal surgery to restore suppleness of the skin in this area. Surplus fat will likely be stripped away from your neck before being relocated to a different portion of the body, and this treatment may be completed in addition to additional operations, like a neck and throat lift. A throat lift can be used to lift, tense up as well as improve the neck’s physical appearance and also helps the jaw line, by removing surplus skin and eliminating or adjusting muscles in the throat. What’s more, the physician may make use of Botox to take care of any bands or fullness of the throat. Dr. David Halpern Tampa Surgeon often uses one or both of these methods to help remedy surplus fat or skin or a turkey wattle, depending on what you are wanting to achieve using the surgical treatment. Thanks to advancements in modern technology, this kind of surgical procedure usually can be performed making just a few little cuts in the skin and recovery often takes about a 7-day period. Dr. Halpern of Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery Inc. can provide additional information, taking your state of health and also your individual circumstances into consideration. You may find liposuction treatment and/or a neck lift is exactly what you’ll want to look your very best once more.


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