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RLS and Its Natural Remedies

Many people suffering from restless leg syndrome have given up the efforts at finding an effective remedy for this condition. People who suffer from RLS find themselves feeling sensations in the legs like itching, crawling, burning, tingling, etc, which they find difficult to control. These symptoms are quite annoying when experienced during the day, but experiencing them at night can be distressing. The reason is because the feelings or the symptoms are intensified the moment you relax to go to sleep. Fatigue is caused by lack of sleep and this is what people with RLS experience. RLS disrupts sleep through the night.

Although researchers have yet to determine the causes of RLS, many natural remedies have already been recommended for symptom relief. It is good to take these natural remedies because unlike taking prescription drugs, they do not have side effects.

One of the best remedies for RLS is using warm or cold compress or taking a hot bath before bedtime.

People have also seen a significant difference in RLS symptoms when they changed their diet. Alcohol and caffeine should be avoided because it can worsen RLS symptoms, according to people who have the disorder. Coffee, tea, chocolate, soft drinks, energy drinks, etc, contain caffeine and should be avoided. Eating large meals during the evenings should also be avoided. If a large volume of food has been digested, then the increase in RLS symptoms have been observed, according to some research.

The connection between RLS and iron deficiency was revealed by some researchers on the field. Taking iron supplement or eating dark green leafy vegetables rich in foliate can help reduce iron deficiency. Taking them whole or juicing will both be beneficial to the body. Iron in excess produces side effects so make sure to consult your doctor for the right dosage.

Some studies have also linked RLS to obesity. If there is great abdominal fat, it is said to increase the risk of RLS. Symptoms of RLS can be reduced by exercising and dieting to lose weight.

With exercise, people with RLS can be helped greatly. Studies have shown that people who did brisk paced walking for 30 minutes four times a week, showed improvement in lowering RLS symptoms. You day should start early and with moderate exercise. Yoga, which is another form of physical exercise, is said to be very helpful also. Massaging the lower legs or lower back before sleeping can also be helpful to improve RLS symptoms.

You can also take a walk before bedtime.

Taking magnesium supplement before bedtime is also helpful. This is shown to be one of the natural cures for RLS.

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