Useful Facts about Torque Motors

A torque motor is a specialized type of electric motor. It has better productivity, accuracy, and performance. Use of torque motors in industrial applications help to reduce wear and lower costs. This will lead to profit maximization. They also serve commercial and individual applications. Many devices have these motors including telescopes, tape recorders, and computers. They have a wide range of uses because of their high-level functionality. This kind of motor serves as an actuator for direct drive mechanisms.

A torque motor has several distinct advantages over other types of motors. First, it has permanent magnets that facilitate high efficiency. Secondly, it has large mechanical air gaps. This makes mounting and alignment easy. The small electrical time constants of a torque motor facilitate high dynamic responses.

High torque levels are the result of a large diameter. This class of motor has a relatively large diameter to length ratio. It has a larger outer and inner diameter. This makes it to be a thin ring. Because of large diameter, there is ample room along the circumference for the generation of high levels of torque. The motor can produce a torque greater than 10,000 N-m.

High torque motors can control the throttle of an internal combustion engine.  They do this in conjunction with an electronic governor. The motor will move the throttle forward. These motors are also used in the world of computer gaming. They play a vital role in force feedback steering wheels. A tape drive needs a torque motor. It will serve as the supply and take-up reel motor. The characteristics of this motor will make the tape drive to function in the desired manner. The motor will help in achieving rewind and fast-forward operations without the need for clutches and gears.

High torque motors have been around since 1970. Some use brushes while a good number use brush-less technology. They have a diversity of uses.

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