Volcano Vaporizer Lets The Flavor Come Through

If you are looking to chill out your herbal smoking mixture, the Volcano vaporizer is the top of the line brand worth considering. Made by the German company Storz & Bickel, this deluxe machine comes in both analog and digital versions.

Why Chill Your Smoke

The hot smoke from pipes and rolled smoking herbs burns the lungs causing smokers cough, reducing the smoking pleasure, and fogging out flavor. Nobody likes hearing someone else coughing either, and there are health consequences of inhaling hot smoke that take away from the medicinal values.

Vaporizers release the aromatic components of your herb without actually burning it completely, and the end result is a smooth inhalation that lets the flavor come through without sacrificing any of the active ingredients. 

Two Models to Choose From 

The Volcano Classic analog model has a dial adjustment that lets you choose the burning temperature. At the lowest setting of 1, the bowl content only reaches a cool 266 Fahrenheit. At the highest setting of 9, your stash combusts at 446 F for a more complete burn.
The Digit version is similar in all ways to the Classic except that it has a large LED display for adjusting the temperature and an auto off switch for preventing the unit from staying on case turning it off slips your mind.

The Classic currently sells for around $539 U.S. and the Digital for about $639 U.S. Both models fill a large, detachable volcano balloon with the low temperature combusted smoke which can then be slowly enjoyed for as long as you like.

The Volcano vaporizer needs little maintenance or cleaning beyond emptying the spent content of the bowl. Both models come with five balloons which can be reused multiple times. The mouthpiece easily detaches for cleaning and reuse.
Both models have an attractive triangular shaped base of polished stainless steel and come with a three year manufacturer’s warranty.
With so many flavorful types of herb now available, it is a shame to let this part of smoking get lost in the haze. The Volcano vaporizers lets you enjoy the full range of herbal smoking pleasures.


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